June 2011


A remarkable opportunity to purchase turbines, generators, penstock piping, control devices, automatic shut-offs and interrupters, wiring, and all peripherals for paired 500kw and 1.0mw hydroelectric facilities operating on low flows (3 and 6 cubic-meter-per second), at nominal 20-meter head (installed at 14-m), gearable to other heads and flows.

This equipment was installed in the late 1980s (at a cost, then, of $2.5 million) and operated for about fifteen years until its municipal owners decided to shut it down to preserve water levels for fire protection and recreational aesthetics of lakefront residences. Since shutdown, it has been maintained in a heated, well-drained environment, has never been vandalized, and has no known operational problems.

All equipment is located in situ in Northern Virginia on a 42-ft dam.

The first three photos are an overview of the facility from above, showing the general layout. The induction generators mount at a 45-degree angle above the axial-flow turbines which are fed through penstocks through the powerhouse wall below the photographer in the first picture. This is a little clearer in the second and third photos showing the penstock tubes to the smaller (505kw) and the larger (994kw) turbines and the generators above them. NOTE: the generator for the smaller turbine has been removed from the site ad is NOT included in this sale. It is the only thing shown in any of the pictures inside the powerhouse box--aside from handrails, stairs, and lights--that is excluded.

The following pictures are of the smaller turbine and its nameplate, and the larger turbine and its nameplate. (The rust is superficial.)

The next pictures are a better view of the penstock-turbine join (all piping inside the walls is included in sale), looking down along the generator and larger turbine assembly, and also the nameplate of the large generator.

The general views, below, are more of the layout and various views of the shutdown regulators and peripheral control equipment.

Closer views of the control panels (still close to state-of-the-art) and their cabinetry are next.

Finally, below are shown some of the external items, a sump pump, a stainless steel valve, and the transformer field, that are not included in the sale but which could be available at added price, if desired.

The equipment can all be removed with ordinary (100-T) cranes through the removable roof panels of the powerhouse. Penstock trunks through the powerhouse wall will have to be blanked and welded shut to the satisfaction of the municipality.

The price for everything seen that is not specifically noted as excluded is $150,000, one-third in cash at sale and the balance either financed at a floating rate (2 points over NY prime) or by payout participation in your project. (Make us an offer.) The sellers also control a suitable (FERC-grandfathered) dam in Central Virginia where this equipment might be reinstalled. That is available for 99-year lease.

For more information or to arrange an inspection of this equipment, email me at armand@ncsdo.com or contact me at one of the following addresses.

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